Teachers Prepare for Upcoming School Year


While Esperanza Academy teachers are enjoying their summer and a much needed break after a rigorous year of virtual teaching during the pandemic, they are also looking forward to seeing their students in-person again. “It was very hard during online classes to make real meaningful connections with students, especially with incoming freshmen. Having taught freshmen every year I’ve been at Esperanza, it is vital to create a bond on day one, and also go through the motions of the daily routines of high school,” said Karl Schultz, Esperanza Academy High School Social Studies Teacher. “I am looking forward to being back in person this year to get back to some sense of normalcy: actual in person conversations and bonds, as well as getting back to the normal routines of teaching.”

While some students returned to the school building at the end of the year, most high school and middle school students stayed completely virtual for the duration of the 2020-2021 academic year. While navigating a new way of learning was difficult enough, the lack of social interaction was one of the main issues with virtual learning. “I would say that I am excited to really get to know my students again. I look forward to the one on one conversations and casual talks that really allow you to learn more about your students and what they are passionate about. This is something I really missed last year,” said Chris Good, Esperanza Academy High School ELD Social Studies Teacher. The academy is excited for a time of celebration, reunion, and even a sense of relief as the community reunites after over a year apart from each other. 

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