Alumni Spotlight: Edwin Lugo

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My name is Edwin Lugo and I graduated from EACS in 2012. After graduating from EACS, I attended Kutztown University, where I also graduated in 2016 with a BS in Business Administration and Management. After graduating from KU, I started working for Trion which was a third-party benefit consulting company, and I did that to gain the customer experience that every employer looks for. After working there for 2 years I started looking for other opportunities and decided to apply for a banker position at Wells Fargo. I’ve been at Wells Fargo for 5 years now. 

I went from someone who had no banking experience to a personal banker first, then to a relationship banker, and finally, I was recently promoted to become a Premier Banker where I help my clients with financial and retirement planning. I have my life insurance license and other investment licenses that are required for my role. I’m currently looking at online courses to complete my Master’s degree.

EACS had all the tools and resources that I needed to become a successful high school student and helped build that foundation of skills and confidence that led me to where I am today. EACS felt right for me, it felt like home. All the teachers were great; I definitely enjoyed my time at EACS and I recommend it to anyone looking for a high school to attend. 

My advice to all the current students at EACS is to take your education seriously. Graduating high school is the first step to accomplishing anything you want to accomplish in the future. If you don’t know what you want to do or be in the future, that’s ok too. You will figure it out as you continue your journey. Don’t feel pressured or discouraged if someone else is ahead of you or doing better than you. Just worry about your own life and the things you can control. Everyone has a different path to success, everyone has a different journey. Life is about decisions; the decisions you make will shape your story.

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