Welcome to our Upper Grades

Jorge Calixto
Director of Instruction

We have over 800 incredible students at our high grades campus, and we pride ourselves in offering them a quality education in a caring atmosphere. We truly love our students, and our jobs exist to pour into the minds and consequently the futures of each child in our building. We provide classes that will prepare our students for life.  The high grades are the last stop before they spread their wings into the “real world.” We ensure that they are as prepared as they can be for those next steps through college and career readiness, guidance counseling, tailored courses to desired interests, and much more. Together we can make our children’s future be whatever they would like it to be.


Explore Our Campus

Take a look at our course progression, graduation requirements, and twelve available majors to see how we prepare our students for their future.

When students first arrive to our school, they have the option to choose a major. It is not mandatory but can be very helpful to guide their interests and develop their skills. We offer majors in Visual Arts, Entrepreneurship, Dance, Music, Criminal Justice, Film, Drama, Health Sciences, Engineering, Journalism, Teacher Education, and Technology.

Course Progression

Check out our course progression to see the variety of classes that our students take during their high grades career. Each student’s course progression is reviewed and determined based on previous coursework and enrollment in honors and/or Advance Placement courses.

High School Snapshots