Alumni Spotlight – Roy Aguilar

Alumni Spotlight

Roy Aguilar graduated from Esperanza Academy in 2014. He has since moved to China as a journalist just in time to cover the novel coronavirus. NBC10 picked up his story, sharing his thoughts and his video about his experience. He urges that we need to do the considerate thing. We may personally feel invincible but if we do not comply with staying at home we are putting many people at risk who cannot fight the virus. “…Nothing is more crucial right now than simply staying home. In order to beat this seemingly invisible enemy, this is what needs to happen,” he says. Read NBC10’s coverage of our alum here. And if you would like to see more of his work, check out his documentary about Philadelphia. It offers a taste of the different neighborhoods within Philadelphia told by real Philadelphians. Aguilar’s experience in the Drexel television station (DUTV) and his successful Indegogo campaign resulted in the creation of a talented piece of art.

Photo is courtesy of NBC10

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