The High School Theater Club’s Debut Performance was a Hit!


Esperanza Academy High School’s Theater Club performed, “Twelve Angry Jurors,” on Friday evening, January 27th, at the Esperanza Teatro. For many of the students, it was their first time acting. Yet, their novice was unnoticeable, and they united to deliver a powerful performance.

“Twelve Angry Men,” also known as “Twelve Angry Jurors,” is a screenplay developed by Reginald Rose for his Emmy Award-Winning movie debuted in 1957. It was adapted for the stage by Sherman L. Sergel, and it is a play that debates if there is any reasonable doubt to acquit a teenage boy accused of murdering his father. The twelve jurors sit in a New York City court jury room for the deliberations. As they discuss the boy’s fate, each juror’s personality, prejudices, and preconceived notions come to the forefront. The story explores the American judicial system’s elemental basis of a defendant’s innocence until proven guilty.

In a film review by Jeff Saporito, for “The Take,” he says, “Screenwriter Reginald Rose saw American society as crumbling amongst itself, and 12 Angry Men stands as a warning to Americans: remember your responsibilities, stay unified, and be understanding with one another, or the nation will fall.”

Ms. Bub, the play’s producer, says of her students, “Not only are these actors incredibly talented, they are incredibly motivated. They persevered through so many challenges. Even when we didn’t have a consistent practice space, they never let it stop them. We practiced in a tiny classroom, the cafeteria, and even in the hallway!”

In the play’s end remarks, Ms. Theorogood, the play’s director, said, “We would like to specifically recognize our seniors, who we affectionately refer to as Jaylin squared, Jaylin Carrion and Jailyn Rosado. We will miss you dearly next year and can’t wait to see all the great things you do after Esperanza.”

While the play shows a strenuous battle towards unity, the act of this performance actually brought together many of our community towards a shared purpose. The high school’s technical engineering class beautifully created the set for the stage. Mr. Neuman, an English teacher at the academy, gave character coaching to bring each personality to life. And many more like the stage crew, the Hope Corner Store concessions, the tech and sound crew, student volunteers, and the staff of the Teatro all came together in unity to pull off this charismatic drama! Bravo!


Click here for the evening’s program.


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