Student Receives Full Scholarship to MIT

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Alex Jaquez-Peralta reached for the moon and landed on it! Sending out only one college application to his dream school, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he recently received acceptance and a full-ride scholarship. Alex has worked diligently throughout his school years and it is (quite literally) paying off. 

The U.S. News and World Report places MIT as the second best school in the world, second only to Harvard University. With a 4% acceptance rate, the school’s prestige has access to state-of-the-art technology, innovative research, and top-tier academics launching their students into ground-breaking careers and opportunities. 

Mr. Roberts, Esperanza Academy High School’s Engineering and Physics Teacher, says that, “Esperanza Academy has provided students with many tools to be successful, and Alex has utilized all of those tools to be the first one from Esperanza to go to MIT.” He remarks that MIT is the top engineering school in the country. 

Alex is in the engineering major at Esperanza Academy, and he has found particular interest in computer science. He says that the major “allows me to do projects in my own way and makes me think more about what I want to do.” He broke into a big smile when he remembered receiving his acceptance letter. He plans to study computer science at MIT and is looking forward to exploring the potential pathways within that science. 

Esperanza Academy is tremendously proud of Alex for his hard work, dedication, and commitment to his future. We look forward to hearing about his contributions to MIT and how his time there will prepare him for his next steps. And for each of our seniors who are graduating in just a few short months, we are always cheering you on for your accomplishments and the future that you are preparing for! Esperanza Academy exists for you!

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