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Working in the legal field is a demanding career, yet Jessica Gonzalez, Esperanza Academy Class of 2011, understands how it makes a difference to her clients. She said, “What inspired me to become a paralegal is having the ability to meet different people who are looking for your help and advice from you. You will be in charge of handling everything for the client, and they will notice all your hard work. Feeling appreciated is everything. This is what motivates me to continue working my best.”


During high school, she majored in dance with dreams of becoming a professional dancer, but once she tried criminal justice classes, she knew she found her niche. She graduated from Eastern University in 2016 with her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.  She loves what she does, and she is able to help people during their time of need. She gave us a glimpse of a day in her life, “My job contains a lot of work, keeping files organized, keeping in touch with clients, requesting medical records, sending letters out to different insurance companies, handling recorded statements, depositions at court, interrogations with clients and much more. I handle personal injury accidents, workers compensation, slip and falls, and criminal cases.”


She says, “I want to thank all the staff members and teachers for all their tremendous help and support throughout the years. Esperanza has done amazing work when it comes to teaching students different techniques of learning. Esperanza staff members, administrators, and teachers strive for positive learning throughout the school year, making sure all curriculum in the school are positive actions, including content area learning of math, reading, writing, and more.”


During her time at the academy, she took advantage of being next door to Esperanza College and enrolled in an economics course. She says this was transformational in helping her feel prepared for the upcoming rigor of  college classes. “This class gave me a wide variety of ways to learn, take notes, study, read and write a lot of essays. This was an amazing privilege that I was given. My favorite part of college was being able to take classes that really interested me like forensic science where I had to solve a crime with my colleagues and figure out the steps of how it happened and how it ended.”


 Jessica has some advice for fellow Esperanza Academy students. “My message to students is don’t give up on your dream. Live the moment. Remember it’s your time to shine, so give it your all. You might go through hard obstacles in life, but anything is possible. Never say you can’t because you can.”We are grateful that Esperanza Academy and College helped prepare Jessica for her next steps. We are so proud of her determination through classes and her desire to help others. She hopes to attend law school soon and become an attorney.

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